Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Frostbite? and Snow

I apologize that I haven't written recently. This all happened in December.


Q: Do Demeter and Papagena like snow?

A: No :(
Well, they will go outside if there is grass showing and I sprinkle treats on the ground. (lol)
Going out in the snow depends on the chicken cause some will go out no matter how deep the snow is and others will just not.

 Whenever the temperature dropped below
 -15C I would go outside and put vaseline on Deme and Poppy's combs and waddles. So I was really freaked out when their combs started turning black. Later I found out that it was cause dirt/dust was sticking to the vaseline. Even though they don't have frostbite I think their combs are slightly damaged.

We found out in the evening that the temperature was going to be -28C!!! So me and my mom decided to try to separate the coop in half (with a tarp) so the chickens body temperature and the heat from their light would heat the coop better. We decided to nail the tarp up so we got a hammer and nails and headed out to the coop. When we put the tarp up it blocked all the light so we had to go inside and get a flash light so we could see where to hammer the nails.  Squished in the coop we finally got the tarp up. Happy but worried we went inside wondering if the chickens would be fine with the tarp and that the half they were on didn't have their perch.
Inside washing the dishes I saw the chickens were fine.
BUT after 10-15min, I was still washing dishes :) ,
the chickens were freaking out. They knew it was time to get ready for bed so where was their bed?
I ran outside and put them both into a card board box full of straw that I had set up, it would be their bed for the night. After sticking them in the box I turned off the light in the coop before they could get out.  When my mom got back from wherever she was, (Sorry I have no Idea where she went!)
she told me it was going to get colder and I should just bring the chickens in for the night. So, we went out to the garage, emptied a storage crate, filled it with wood shavings and put netting all the way around the storage crate, it was time to bring the chickens inside. Me, my mom, and my sister went outside to the coop. I picked up Papagena, passed her to my mom and then picked up Demeter. (my sister was holding a flash light) We carried them both inside and put them in the storage crate, turned off the light in the garage and went inside. After 8min I stuck my head inside the garage to make sure the chickens were fine. There was not a peep :)
The next morning they were A okay. And since then I've only had to get up once in the night to bring them inside (it was 3am and -30C!!!)


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