Sunday, 22 April 2012

Figaro and the Chickens

I  have decided that if I am to have a total of 6-7 chickens and both the chickens and figaro like to go outside I have to introduce to each other and see what will happen. I tried this once before but was to scared for anything to happen, stopping figaro the moment he took a step. But with a new resolve and determination I decided to try again and what ever happened, happened. The first few times we would make sure figaro was tired and the chickens were energetic and we would pet Figaro on the deck telling him not to hurt them. We also learnt that Figaro was kinda jumpy around them. Once, when he got close to Demeter she flapped her wings kinda frightened and Figaro jumped back. After letting the chickens out and Figaro out 3ish times, we decided that we should try it when he was  more energetic. So we let him outside. He started getting closer and closer to the chickens and got ready to pounce.... but Bronwyn stopped him just in time. Annoyed at Figaro we put him back inside. The next few times, we let him outside with the chickens, he didn't bug them. Until one day when he started to slink across the yard tail waiving back and forth. The chickens were against the side of the house so they had know where to go. But, Papagena had had enough. She turned on him with a glint in her eyes and sticking out her neck she ran towards him. Figaro turned tail and ran. I shouted in excitement. They froze. Embarrassed they walked off in opposite directions. Calling the chickens I gave them treats.  I wondered if this would be a one time display. But nope, Figaro was being particularly bratty when Papagena chased almost to the front yard getting closer and closer to his tail. I called her before she reached him letting Figaro round the corner of the house and out of view.
I am stuck with two unruly kids who won't listen to reason :P



  1. So are you letting them still play together? What is the current status of the cat - chicken games :)

  2. They still go outside together and Figaro keeps his distance :)