Friday, 20 April 2012

Birthday Cake

 Today is the day I got the chicks, and their Birthday!!!!  So to celebrate I made them a cake :P
Cake part: Oatmeal
Frosting: Plain Yogurt
Sprinkles: Sunflower seeds
Candle: Banana
They loved the candle and sprinkles...

Also, to celebrate having them for a year I have made a slideshow on the side of my blog. Showing pictures from 1 day old to 1 year old. Enjoy!!!


p.s do you like the slidshow? Is it to fast? I can make it slower if you want me to.
p.p.s If you click on the slideshow it will take you to a different page where the pictures are bigger.
p.s.p.s Do you want me to add a caption to the photo's telling you which chicken it is or other info?

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