Saturday, 12 May 2012


I had never relized until I got chickens that they had such great personalities . I had thought that they had no individuality, that they all acted the same.  But, when you have chickens you can see there personalities shine through. Take Demeter and Papagena for example, they have totally opposite personality's. Deme is first in the pecking order But I can never understand why she is. She has a carefree personality always curious and discovering new things.  And when Papagena chases Figaro Deme, not understanding what's happening, runs after Poppy thinking it's a fun game. Demeter loves treats and is always the first to come when I call.
Poppy on the other hand, is more cautious. Taking nothing for granted, chasing Figaro when he gets too close, and coming when I call ONLY when she has finished pecking and scratching.... and then  running trying to catch up to Demeter. After reading about Poppy you might think she is haughty and cold but, I can tell that inside she is like a little mother. When Demeter lays an egg Papagena stays in the coop even if she could go scavenging in the compost pile. And when she doesn't know where Demeter is she looks distressed and lost.  But,when she is back with Demeter it looks like nothing had ever happened.  As I tell my Grandma, Deme is the little princess and Poppy is the nursemaid.


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