Saturday, 30 June 2012


The other day I let the chicks outside in the run. The run does not have a back to it so I propped up a board and hung a towel over the opening I didn't think that they would be able to fly up onto the board.   So the chicks were outside and I sat inside reading to my Mallory and Seamus. Every once in a while I would look up through the window to see if the chicks were okay. While, we were all pretty engrossed in our latest story (Tintin) and had not looked outside in a while.  I decided that I should probably peek out the window again but when I did horrible sight met my eyes.  2 of the chicks were perched on the wooden board and one of them was in the house. But the yellow one was nowhere in site!!!! The kids and I ran outside and I popped the 2 chicks back in with the third. And then looked around for the yellow chick. Thinking that she couldn't get far but she was nowhere in site. I looked all around the run wondering what had happened. Figaro was inside Poppy and Deme where in the coop and it was the middle of the day! I was freaking out frantically running around the run when I finally gave up I stopped freaking out and we were all quite. Then I heard something: peep, peep.  I told the kids to be quite and listened again. Peeeep, Peeep. There it was again a chicks distress call. I ran in the direction I heard it and looked into our forest. There was the yellow chick standing on a little log and looking worried , slightly wet (the forest was damp) but otherwise okay.   I quickly stepped into the forest,  scooped the chick up I carried here back to the run. She ran back to her friends and then they all started pecking around like nothing had happened. But for me a Miracle had.


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