Sunday, 28 October 2012


While writing a post about integration THIS happened 

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just realized that my chickens were still outside free ranging and I hadn't called them since going on the computer and I went outside and the chicks were on the edge of my neighbour's lawn. I went outside and called them and all of them came except Eli.  And I was heading over and then my nighbour walked out of his garage door and saw them!!! He didn't say anything but after bringing the chickens back inside their coop I went over and apologized about it and he said it was okay and that they were pretty.  I was sooooo relived. My mom had told me in the past that they were okay with my chickens but I had to make sure myself.  And my verdict? I have great nighbours, my chicks like to go adventuring further than my chickens and, I will make sure not to forget to check on them. 


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