Saturday, 22 December 2012

Paths of snow

We have gotten tons of snow!!!!!  Am I stoked YES. Are the chickens stoked ye...... NO.
I wish they were snow chickens.  Delighted about the snow, frolicking in the snow, waiting for snow with bated breath. But,  the hard cold reality is that there is no reason for them to like it.  It covers up the ground so they can't eat yummy treats, it makes their toes really cold when they walk on it, and it keeps them confined in one half of their run,  'cause they don't want to touch the snow.  The only way you could EVER get them to touch it, is (me)  treats.  With that realization, I went outside today armed with snow shoes, compost and determination :P   I packed down a trail to the compost pile, around a tree and back to the coop.  Then, I dumped the 'fresh' compost in the compost pile and called the chickens.  What happened next was good and disappointing.  The chickens came when they saw the treats. Poppy in front leading the chicks, running on the trail but then veering of the trail and making their own through the deep snow.   Demeter, who came later,  didn't even try the trail. But she looked adorable plowing through the snow. Though practically, it wasn't that smart.   The chickens pecked and ate some compost and then walked back to the coop. Veering... on.... and.... off... the trail.  
So the good news is, that they had a pretty good time. The bad news is, they didn't like my trail ;)


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