Tuesday, 5 February 2013

You need to evacuate

I played a game outside with my younger siblings today. At one point in our game we had to evacuate some villages because a storm was coming. One of the villages I was trusted to evacuate was the Sunflower village (the chicken coop).   I had a nice conversation with Ellie who was perching on a board in front of the door of the coop.

Me:  "You need to evacuate"

Ellie:" brawk, b-brawk???"

Me: "Yes you really do."

Ellie: turns her head "brawk, brawk?"

By this time Una has come to the door and is staring at me

Me: "I'm sorry but it is true"

Ellie: "brawk, brawk, brawk???"

Ellie turns around

Me: "You need to evacuate"

All the chickens are staring at me. Ellie jumps down into the coop.

I turn and leave.  One village done, one to go...


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