Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Early Riser

I was awoken this morning around 6:30am when I heard my chickens freaking out!!!! My sister woke up as well. We ran to the window, lifted our curtain, peeked outside, and saw a fox, quite healthy looking, circling the coop. The chickens were really scared,  throwing themselves into the chicken wire, sprinting to the other side and repeating.   We scared the fox away and the rest of the morning the chickens looked shell shocked, standing in a circle and flinching at any noise. Currently though, they are bopping around the yard and look okay other than the fact that their combs are all bloody from throwing themselves into the chicken wire.  I'm hoping to remede that situation by going outside and put a natural healing resin on their combs.  I hope that fox doesn't return!!


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