Friday, 15 April 2011

The Co-Op

There are only 5 more days till I get the chicks. Sooo Me, Rachel, Bronwyn and Mallory decided to  take a trip to the Buckingham Co-Op (BCO), a store that specializes in food and Equipment for Animals.
After 30min of  driving and lots of music (I had brought my MP3 player) We arrived, walking into the store I was quite surprised to see clothes, shoes and belts. 
But, whatever I thought if they have chick feeders, chicken food and wood shavings I will be happy
We searched all over and finally found a waterer to my liking and also the top of a chick feeder. We walked over to the check out counter to ask if they had a bottom for the chick feeder (thankfully the woman behind the counter spoke english) and she said... No.....but there a different feeder that had slightly sharper edges but would still work.

To turn a long story into a slightly shorter story (Bronwyn and Mallory are yelling at me to come outside and play)
We drove away from that store with everything needed for the chicks:  A chick Feeder, A chick Waterer, Chicken Feed and Pine shavings. 
I have the brooder (a.k.a chick house) set up in the Yellow bathroom with a light on (I am trying to get the  temperature to 32 celcius) and won't have to run around getting equipment at the last minute, Phew

Below are pictures of what I got at the Co-Op:

Chicken Feed

Pine Shavings

Chick Waterer

                                           Chick Feeder


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