Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 8

A week has gone by since I got the chicks and boy have they grown! Goodbye baby chick fuzz. They are now decked out in wing feathers (and starting to get tail feathers and body feathers ) they are flapping about testing the roost and jumping all over the place, excited that there wings now fit there body (lol) There minds have also grown sharper and they've grown more used to me. In fact today the black chick and the orange chick slept in my hand!!! The black and white chick is more cautious, but is more relaxed around me then she used to be. Also I think I have figured out the pecking order here are my guesses:

  1. The Rhode Island red is the highest in the pecking order I could tell it from day one. She is also not frightened to remind the other chicks that she is on top! I think she is the most calm around me out of the three chicks
  2. The black Plymouth rock is second in the pecking order, even though she is the smallest she is one fierce chick! She has gotten a lot calmer around me then she was in the beginning BUT I think she gets frightened the easiest. Maybe that's the reason she has gotten a lot calmer around me
  3. Last but NOT least is the black and white plymouth rock. She is like a little mother for the other chicks, always worried when I take one of the other two out of the brooder, and the lightest sleeper out of the three chicks (always jumping awake if there is a loud noise) She is also was the last one of the chicks to get wing feathers

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