Sunday, 26 June 2011

In Remembrance of Medly

She had the perfect attitude, Kind, dreadfully curious, but not scared of being sassy.
She was never really was as tight nit as Demeter and Papagena were, but she never complained.

One of the first days I let the chicks free range, Medly found a worm. She stared at it in fascination her chirps bringing Demeter and Papagena over to see what she found. Grabbing it in her beak she ran of with Demeter and Papagena in hot pursuit. She ran up to the chicken coop and into the 'run', turning around and running back out leading her very own parade. After a few minutes of the chase, Demeter and Papagena gave up leaving Medly with her prize.

 What a cute little ball of fluff
If I sang to Medly she would fall asleep in my hand.

  Don't you love her Quizzical looks?

"I'm the Queen of the castle"

a Tea Party

Medly always came to see what I was doing.

She loved to forage in the grass, always pecking away.

She mad me laugh and boy has she make me cry.
I just hope that she had a good life at our house, didn't hate me, and that her death was not painful.

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