Saturday, 25 June 2011

Nightmares and Reality

A few Nights ago I had a nightmare, it was really sad/ frightening. 
But now I see how silly it is to be scared of a nightmare, nightmares are not real. In Nightmares things die but when you wake up it's all right and it's the start of a new day. 
But what happens if I wake up tomorrow morning and I walk outside and right outside there is a 'daymare'.
What happens if I walk outside and there, there in the chicken coop is Medly dead.
There would be no bed to wake up from, it would be reality.
I would have to continue through the day knowing that I let Medly down.
But if you saw me months later and asked me what happened to Medly, I would tell you, because it would be reality.

praying that Medly will fight through this sickness.

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