Thursday, 5 May 2011

The late night 'cookie' fight (Day 15)

At 10pm last night I hadn't fallen asleep yet, and suddenly I heard the Chicks making more of a ruckus than they usually do (lol). I was worried that they might have gotten out of the brooder, so I got out of bed and walked/stumbled into the chick room/bathroom. As soon as  I walked in I could tell something was wrong but I couldn't tell what, cause they were running around like a chicken with it's head cut off  like little kids fighting over a cookie. (And I guess in their case they kinda were fighting over a 'cookie.')  Papagena had a wood chip in her mouth and Demeter and Medly wanted it too. Wanting to get back to bed I figured out a compromise for the chicks; nobody would get the wood chip. So I picked up Papagena, wrestled the wood chip out of her mouth (not unkindly) and placed her back in the brooder. I washed my hands, noticing in front of the mirror that I looked like the walking dead, and went back to bed content that I had a few minutes of peace and quiet.


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