Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 17 Perching

Today I made a bigger perch for the chicks, cause there normal perch does not fit them all.
It will be a 'playtime perch' cause its to big to have in the brooder all the time (:

It took me a while to build the perch but finally it was finished. I brought it upstairs to show the girls. There was the first "what is that new thing in our house" excitement where they would jump up on the perch and sometimes fall off the perch with tons of flapping about but after probably 2 or 3min of this they stopped all except Papagena who jumped onto it for a few more minutes, I was excited cause I had finally found something that Papagena liked! But after a while she jumped of it to.  So, after probably 5-10min after the original excitement  I decided to take matters into my own hands and I picked up Medly and put her on the perch she didn't jump off and then Papagena and Demeter joined her then they actually slept on the perch I was soooo happy.

Look at Medly's  Head, she has it hanging over the side of the perch! and Demeter has her head tucked under her wing!
From Left to Right, Medly, Papagena and Demeter 

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