Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Over 30hrs Day 9-13

April 28-29  2011
So your probably wondering why I have not posted anything lately. Well I didn't have a choice, cause our power was out for OVER 30HRS!!! .......It was a really windy and stormy day and I had almost finished lunch when the power went off. I thought at that time that the power had just flickered off and would come back on in a few seconds, I waited, waited and for it to come back on and did it? NO. At that time Rachel had rushed down stairs cause of our sump pump. (it runs in the spring. A few years ago, due to the power being off, it had flooded our basement) Rachel was calling for buckets, so we could start bailing water out of the sump pump and I rushed around grabbing buckets well Bronwyn phoned Grant to tell him to come home and start the generator cause none of us new how (Zeke and Jesse were at work) Bronwyn did phone work but told him the generator was broken!!!! So, on top of bailing water we were worried that Grant would by new generator on his way home when we had a perfectly fine on here.  Seamus, due to the fact that we were all panicking, Had started crying. And having found enough buckets, me, Bronwyn and Mallory were running up the stairs and dumping water over the side of the deck well Rachel was bailing water from the sump pump into our buckets. After probably 45min of bailing Bronwyn ran down to tell Rachel that a tree cracked on the side of the house but hasn't fallen on the house, So we all started praying that Grant would get home and the tree wouldn't fall on the house. Your probably wondering "What about the chicks?" At that point in time they are old enough (and the bathroom was warm enough) that they would survive the day with the power off (Not the Night) but they were REALLY scared cause it was soooo dark in the bathroom.     
So, after a hectic Hour of bailing Seamus yelled to us, Grants home!!!  We doubled our efforts running up and down the stairs our faces painted with relief, But still worried cause the generator might not start. After probably 3-5 more min the generator came back on! but only for a few seconds and then puttered out. I looked up the window at Grant and so him pause.. looking into the forest... and I heard a gigantic crash. I ran up the stairs with my bucket of water and looked of the deck, 4 trees had fallen down missing our electric wire and our house, So instead of feeling horrible I felt kinda excited, the trees were rotten and we would have had to take them down at some point, but the wind took the trees down for us.
I ran down to report, and Grant tried a few more times with the generator, and was able to start it, Yipeee!!!
Hydro quebec said our power would come back on at 7pm. 
O.K I thought that isn't that bad, at 6:30pm the boys brought food home from the grocery store. At 7pm the power was not back on, Rachel phoned Ute to see what we should do about the chicks, Ute said that we could bring them over to her house cause she has a 
fireplace, So at 7pm we drove over to Ute's house (We had to take the long way, cause a electrical line was down on the usual road we take) At Ute's house we dropped the chicks of and after the feeling that I had failed and abandoned them we drove out of Ute's driveway (which took use probably 5 min cause the geese chased us up the driveway moving in front of our car, backing off and then moving back in front of the car again. To sum it all up we spent the next hours being told by Hydro Quebec that our power was going to come back on and having it not come back on. But finally, it did!!!!
The chicks came back home healthy and Not hurt and with tuns of feathers and a lot peeper!!!

The Light 
(we plugged it into the Generator)
Writing By Candle Light

The Art of Drawing by Flash Light

I love Kerosene lights

The Generator 

The Fallin' down trees

Ripped From the Ground

The Last Survivor 

Bronwyn By the Trees

The pictures of the trees and our house were takin'  at 8pm ish and the power came back on at 9:30ish that night.
The Pictures of the chicks were takin' a lot later than that.


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