Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Today the chicks will have been with me for FIVE WEEKS also this week (starting today) I will start getting them used to being outside!!! 

I had to get the brooder cleaned so it worked out perfectly having the chicks go outside in a 'chicken run' 
(A.K.A a wooden frame with chicken wire on it.) So after some preparation I loaded the chicks into a cardboard box, brought them outside and put them in the run. They were quite tentative at first but Medly caught on fast pecking at the grass will Demeter and Papagena looked around. 
After a while Demeter and Papagena noticed that Medly was finding amazing 'treats' (in the form of grass, leaves and so forth) and was reveling in her 'freedom'. Not wanting to be left out, Demeter and Papagena joined in the fun.  After probably 30-45min of the chicks running around and playing outside, (and after I had finished cleaning out the brooder) I decided that the chicks should come back inside ( It was getting kinda cold.)  I picked them up and carried them back upstairs in there cardboard box. 
After placing them in the brooder the chicks kinda stood there for a bit wondering what to do, and where was the grass???  But as they looked around they saw there food dish filled with food and pounced on it like hungry chicks! which they were (:


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