Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cleaning the brooder. The Beginning of Week 3

 I have cleaned the brooder in the past (you should clean the brooder every 4-5 days), but today I will show it in steps in case one day you will be about to clean your brooder full of chicks(:

You will need
1. A Brooder: cause that's what I'm cleaning!!! 
2. A cardboard Box: to put the chicks in when your cleaning
3. Newspaper: To line the bottom of the Brooder
4. Garbage bag: What do you use garbage bags for???
5. A scoop thing: to scoop out the dirty wood shavings 
(I use a clean Kitty litter scoop) 
6. Paper towel (or old cloth): to wipe things off
7. Wood shavings or alternative bedding: For the brooder
8. A source of water: For cleaning things
9. And most importantly a Helper(s)!!!!!! 

Step 1
Take your feeder, waterer and any other items out of the brooder, and then Clean them with Water and Paper towel then, refill them.

Step 2
Line your cardboard box with newspaper (so you can reuse it again.) Then take the chicks out of the Brooder and put them in your cardboard box.

Step 3
With your Scooper scoop as many old wood shavings out of your brooder as possible ask your Helper to hold open your garbage bag so you can dump the old wood shavings in it.

Step 4
When you've scooped as many wood shavings out as possible, pull the old newspapers out from the bottom of the brooder and dump in plastic bag. Then tip your brooder and dump out the rest of the old wood shavings into your garbage bag. At this point in time your helper will be quite board, they may leave.

Step 5
Fill your brooder 1/6 of the way with water and dump it outside, then with your paper towel (or old cloth) wipe the brooder off until it looks like new!  

Step 6
Bring your brooder back into the chick room and line the bottom of it with your clean Newspaper, 
then put clean wood chips (or alternative bedding) on top of the newspaper 

and spread around evenly.

Step 7 
Put your feeder, waterer and other items back into the Brooder

Step 8
Put the chicks back into the brooder and smile (: it's a job well done
and in 4 more days you can do it all over again, lol   



Special thanks to: Bronwyn and Mallory, My Helpers!!! 
and to Seamus, who hid in the corner of the chick room and scared me soooooo much!!!!!


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